Why Londoners would enjoy the Philippines


Enjoy this guest post from writer, Elle. Elle works for No1 Traveller, who have airport lounges in the UK. Perfect for making those long-haul flights a little bit more bearable!

At this time of year, London can seem a little over-crowded. People are settling back into their work routines after a long Christmas holiday and it can all seem a little hectic and crazy. The streets are packed like never before, the weather has gotten colder – and if you’re at all human – you’ll be looking for somewhere beautiful to escape to on your next holiday.

At this time of the year, I can think of nowhere more beautiful than the Philippines. Located in South-East Asia, the Philippines is in fact a hidden gem, somewhere just waiting to be discovered and explored. It has everything you could possibly want as an escape route from London, and here I’ll explain just what those things are.

The beaches 

Who doesn’t dream of escaping to beautiful white sandy beaches and laying there catching some rays in the afternoon? You have to admit – the very idea of beaches and sunshine when it’s -5 degrees in London sounds like heaven. The Philippines are relatively untouched by tourists – compared to nearby hotspots such as Thailand and Bali, so you’ll feel as though you’ve found a rather secluded, hidden spot when you stumble through the beautiful sand dunes here. The weather is great at this time of year too – which makes the beach the perfect pace to spend those lazy afternoons.

The Sea

If you love the sea, then you’re going to adore the nature and wildlife here in the Philippines. You can go sailing around the coastline here, or maybe even fishing (I hear the fishing is very good – with big game to be caught in certain areas). Of course – there is always swimming too – and swimming in the sea is definitely something you’ll want to try whilst you’re out there. Get your bathing suit on and go for a dip, the water is warm and tepid – quite the opposite of London that’s for sure!

The People

The locals are just lovely in the Philippines, and if you’re worried about hospitality and friendliness upon your arrival – than forget those worries right now, because you don’t need to be at all. The locals here are known for their friendly attitude towards westerners and they’ll usually be willing to help you out with just about anything. It’s actually one of the major draws for me, to be met with so many smiling, happy faces – because no one ever seems to smile in London! Especially during the morning rush hour!

The Prices

Whilst the flight may set you back a fair amount (it is on the other side of the world, after all) the accommodation in the Philippines is relatively cheap. Whether you chose to stay in a hotel in the city, or a resort on the beach – it’s unlikely you’re going to be paying the same kind of prices you would in London. A lot of beach-side hotels and resorts also have spas in them – so that’s definitely something to look out for because the treatments are relatively cheap too (when compared to London spas). It’s a win-win situation! The food is cheap too in the Philippines, and it’s very tasty too! Forget forking out lots of cash for expensive lunches like in London, because hear you’ll get a beautiful meal for half the price you would’ve paid back there.