Trip Essentials: Flight 001 Spacepak – Clothes

Welcome to the newest section of the blog- Trip Essentials. In this section, we’ll be taking a look at a few of our favorite items that we just can’t travel without. Unless you live in Asia, getting to the Philippines can be a pretty long trip, so packing smart is critical.

Today we’ll be checking out one of our absolute favorite products, the Flight 001 Spacepak. Voted as Travel + Leisure’s Product of the Year, the Spacepak is an organizational system for your suitcase that uses double compression to maximize the use of your luggage space. There are several different kinds of Spacepaks, each made to hold specific contents in your luggage, but we will focus specifically on the Spacepak for clothes. The Spacepak is an exclusive product to Flight 001 and can be purchased online or in their brick and mortar stores.

Dimensions: 16in X 11.25in X 4.25in
Made of 100% Nylon

The Flight 001 Spacepak for clothes is a rectangular case designed to fit about two weeks worth of clothes by carefully folding your garments and then compressing them to release any excess air between each piece. The case is separated into two zippered areas – one side for clean clothes, and the other side for clothes to be laundered. There are instructions printed on the interior of the case itself showing you the proper way to fold your clothes and pack them into the Spacepak to maximize the space. On the sides of the Spacepak are a few vented holes that are used to release the air during compression.

spacepak flight 001 luggage accessories packing

When I visited the Flight 001 store, the sales associate kept recommending the Spacepak to me and she offered to show me a demo of what made it so great. At first glance, I couldn’t help but think of the movie, Inception- a bag within a bag, and the whole idea just seemed silly to me. Well, the sales associate started packing a few pants, some shirts, then just kept packing more and more in. When the clothes were stacked about halfway above the top of the pack, she flipped the cover over the clothes then flattened them down with her forearm as she zipped up the Spacepak with ease. All of the air released from the vents pushed the clothes down to easily half their size. Sold. I didn’t have to see anymore. Amazon button

How to pack for a 2 week trip with Spacepak from FLIGHT 001 on Vimeo.