Tips for Americans Travelling to the Philippines

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Enjoy this guest post from Everly.

A vacation to a foreign country can be exciting and fun. However, a fun trip can sometimes turn out sour if it is not properly planned or without prior knowledge of the country. Therefore, it is always advisable for travelers to know more about a foreign country that they are about to visit so as to expect the unexpected and take proper precautions beforehand. Here are some useful travel tips that can help make your trip to the Philippines memorable and enjoyable.

When to Go?

The best time to go to the Philippines is from mid-December to mid-May because that is off-season for typhoons. Any travelers are advised against traveling more than necessary during Christmas and Easter as the entire country is on the move making it difficult to get a seat on any type of transport

January, May and December are the best months to visit if fiestas and colorful celebrations are on your wish list. If you want to visit the rice terraces in North Luzon, the best time to do it would be in March and April as the weather is pleasantly warm.  Also these warm summer months are also ideal for island hopping. For those who cannot take the heat, the month of May can be quite an experience of discomfort.

What to Bring?

While traveling it is the best to bring as little of your belongings as possible. Most of the things that you might require are easily available upon arrival in the Philippines. Apart from the basic traveling necessities and your own special personal needs it is not necessary to bring anything else other than perhaps a travel plug adapter, a torchlight, an umbrella and photographic supplies. Medication can be found at drug stores in major cities. If ever you are confronted with problems when finding anything that you need, the ever-helpful staff any Tourist Information Center will advise you as to where you can acquire them.

What to Wear?

Like the varied culture, the Philippines also has enough climatic changes that would require a wide variety of clothing. It is advisable to bring light and loose clothing that is suitable for tropical temperatures when visiting the cities here. If you are planning to make a trip to the mountains or scale the odd volcano, do bring warmer clothing such as sweaters and a light jacket, even on the hottest months. Do bring along flip-flops as you might find it useful in hotel bathrooms, showers or when you visit the beach. Do not forget to pack some of your formal clothing as you might need it when you attend formal gatherings, festivals or religious services.

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