Shopping at the Fruit Market in Manila

On your next visit to Manila or anywhere in the Philippines, why not “see and do like the locals” and visit a staple of daily life – the fruit and meat markets. Although there are grocery stores throughout most of the islands, many Filipinos still get their produce and other essentials at their local market.

fruit market manila philippines

Within the market, you’ll find that each stall features its own special mix of fruits and vegetables which each one claiming to carry the freshest and juiciest. Be prepared to negotiate and don’t settle for the initial price they give you. Filipinos love to bargain so don’t be scared to walk away to get your point across.

fruit market manila philippines

This particular market in Manila also had an extensive meat section. If you’ve never visited a market in the Philippines, you’re in for luck as you’ll be sure to see many unusual and exotic manila philippines

For instance, is that fresh ox tail? Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern would be in heaven!

ox tail market manila philippinesox tail market manila philippines