Fire Dancers, Little People and Lady Gaga: Exploring Boracay at Night

boracay philippines beach

As the sun begins to set and the rest of the world is settling in for a quiet evening, Boracay is just beginning to liven up. The nightlife in Boracay is outstanding – offering great entertainment, shopping, and a wide variety of dining options. Each Station (there are 3) offers a different nighttime vibe, but Station 2 and Station 3 are the more active areas with live music and plenty of places to grab a drink.

boracay philippines beach

The beach is open all evening, but be extremely careful swimming in the dark since there are no lifeguards on duty. During the earlier hours of the evening, you’ll find many families eating at the buffet areas on the beach in Station 3. After a full day of scuba diving, boating, and enjoying all the great activities Boracay has to offer, the best way to wind down is to get a massage by one of the numerous massage tents along the beach while live music plays in the background. boracay philippines beach

boracay philippines beach food boracay philippines beach food

As you walk along the Beachfront Path, you’ll pass a multitude of different restaurants offering fresh seafood, grilled meats and all sorts of delicious foods to choose from. Grilling by the beach is a favorite past time for nearly all beach cultures, so try picking up a grilled sampler to get a good mix of surf and turf.

boracay philippines beach food

Aside from the food, Boracay is teeming with different drinking establishments to grab a nice cocktail or a few beers to loosen up and get into the island spirit. Station 2 is popular for the drinking and entertainment in D’Mall where you can find restaurant/ bars such as The Hobbit House. The majority of the wait staff are little people, keeping in line with the Lord of the Rings theme. In Boracay, you can find a place to drink every few steps so it’s easy to pull up to some other travelers and have a cold drink and a great conversation.boracay philippines beach hobbit house

The nightlife in Boracay can last into the early morning hours with some spots open 24-hours. You’ll find lots of live music and live shows from chefs dancing to Gangnam Style or fire dancers twirling around flaming chains. The sheer variety of activities combined with the gorgeous beaches and tropical weather offers fun and excitement for people of all ages.

boracay philippines beach fire dancer